Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More pictures


  1. Steph & Torri,
    We are all so sorry that Blogspot seems to have made posting comments so difficult. I want you both to know that despite not seeing a lot of feedback from home we are all praying for you. And we are so very proud of the work that you are doing. We are all excited to see and hear about your experiences. Based upon the limited number of blogs and the shortness of them it looks like the internet access has been a bit difficult on your end as well.
    I just read the story about the Turkish airline crash in Amsterdam. It reminds me that God is in control of our lives. And he is in control of yours as well.

    Dad (Pat)

  2. Great photos!! Thanks for posting them. I know you mentioned it's rather difficult to do such tasks from your locations, so whoever is helping out... thanks.
    The kids look enthusiastic and excited to have your guidance. You are making a life-long impact on their lives, and what ambassadors for our country you are! I'm checking in daily and will respond when time permits.
    Clancy and I had dinner with Gramma last night at her house. She looks good and seems healthy. Clare Bridge Brookdale sponsors these family dinners about once a month and it's so nice to see other residents and their families enjoying themselves as well.

  3. Steph...I love the photos, really helps me to visualize what you are doing over there! I just got back from Guatemala, and Portland welcomed me back by snowing. Figures! haha, cant wait to have you back to hear all about your experience! Love ya!

  4. Yup, snow here in Salem as well. About 2 inches in S. Salem. But the sun is out and that's so appreciated. The snow will be gone by this afternoon, just in time for our next downfall tonight. Oh well, at least the mountains are getting dumped on with much needed snow.
    Love that little guy on the swing..... he is having a ball!
    Blogspot isn't cooperating very well today. It doesn't want to post my comment. The general process is; a security word pops up for the sender to retype... unfortunately sometimes you can't see the security word... go figure! I'll keep trying until THEY get it right. I've learned the hard way to always save my post before I try and send it. BlogSpot enjoys gobbling up posts as well. Aunt Karen ~