Saturday, February 14, 2009

End of day 1 traveling...

Well it is 6:30pm in Amsterdam and we have explored a bit of the city this afternoon. Really forcing ourselves to leave the airport and not just find a bit of floor to crash on. Needless to say, although the Ambien probably did help a bit - it was not good or enough sleep!!! We were lucky and each had 4 seats in the middle to ourselves to sprawl out on - but it sure isn't a bed! Oh well - few more hours and we board yet another plane to Istanbul, arrive at 1am and hoping to find a lounge or hotel to get a few hours of sleep before our 16 hours of waiting!

Here are a few pictures so far....

(above) Along one of the beautiful canals :)

(below) This one is just for Yasmin....

Checking in at Portland Airport - hoping our bags make it all the way to Uzbekistan!!!


  1. I'm so glad you'll be documenting your trip on the blog! Praying for safe travel and strength for the trip ahead!


  2. Great to hear from you. It sounds like the Istanbul airport (although it seemed relatively new) didn't offer much in the way of Lounges or Day rooms at the nearby hotel. I can imagine you were extremely exhausted by the time you arrived in Tashkent. The work in the orphanage will be so rewarding from your description. We still have you in our thoughts and prayers. Aunt Karen

  3. Me again.... Here is the name, address, etc of the hotel we stayed in when we were in Istanbal. Otel Taksim Plaza/Topcu Cad. #10 Taksim 80090 Istanbul - Turkiye
    Phone: (90.212) 238..92.20
    Fax: (90-212) 238.92.38

    The name of the city guide we used was Gazi Unsal
    phone: (+90-216) 341 7980
    Fax: (+90 - 216) 310 8529
    He was excellent and spoke wonderful English. He's a retired military officer who trained with the US military in the US. He is a walking history book!! I'm sure the hotel can help with all this as well. Love... Karen

  4. So good to see your smiling face! Sounds like you're having some good adventures already:)